Creating the Suspects

Hello guys! So let’s just jump right back in with a short post.

Part of the design of the exhibit is picking and choosing suspects. We originally chose 6┬ásuspects but pushed that down to 5, erring on the side of caution. Setting up some time to get all the suspects photographed was probably the hardest part. They are all volunteers, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t take too much advantage of their time and generosity.

My intrepid photographer.
One of our “flavor” shots. Not hugely important to the story but adds background and flavor to the exhibit.
We were supposed to be in Madagascar, but we settled for a rocky outcropping outside Freiberg.

A lot of these pictures were taken and turned into photos that we will then use in the exhibit. That involved a lot of Photoshop on my side of things before we gave them over to the architects to figure out the rest.

My Intrepid Photographer taking a picture of a suspect.

Here is a “mockup” of a possible design idea we used for the flyer.

You can see the suspects lined up in a “Usual Suspects” shot. This is what I did on my own – professionals obviously could clean it up a bit more!

Be kind to each other, friends, and until next time!