About me.

Hi! My name is Laura. I’m an American who lives and works at terra mineralia, a large and really cool rock and gem museum in Freiberg, Germany.

After growing up in the high desert near the Hanford Nuclear Site, I went to school to be a geologist. After doing that for a few years, I went back to school and got a Master’s in Museum Studies. This led me to my current position, a curator of the special exhibit “CSI: Freiberg. Ein Mordfall an der terra mineralia” or “CSI: Freiberg. A Murder at terra mineralia.” The exhibit will help teach the rare earth elements through a murder mystery.

The job here started May 1, 2016, and will run through Halloween of 2017. This blog is a place for me to talk about what I’m doing, to chronicle the process and show how it all works. Glad to have you!